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Meals to Go
When ordering PLEASE INCLUDE : Name, Phone number, Address-if delivery, Time of pick up or delivery. Please have orders in by midnight of the previous day . Taxes included


Soup’s On!

  • Tuesday Oct 27th-Witch’s Brew Beef Stew with a Sourdough Twist bun $11.30

Family of 4 Witch’s Brew Beef Stew with a Sourdough Twist loaf $32.00

  • Wednesday Oct 28th --Squashed Soup with our Veggie Sandwich (cheese, tomato, lettuce and guacamole)  $14.50

Family of 4 Squashed Soup with a loaf of our onion /cheddar twist bread  $26.00

  • Thursday Oct 29th-- Creepy Red Pepper corn Chowder with our Italian sandwich on a Pizza Bagel $14.50

Family of 4 Creepy Red Pepper corn Chowder with a loaf of Sourdough olive Bread $26

  • Friday Oct 30th ¨Mummy’s Pizza Soup with our BLT sandwich  $14.50

Family of 4 Mummy’s Pizza Soup With a loaf of Sourdough $26.00

  • Saturday Oct 31st –Ghostly Chili with Against the Grain Tortilla Chips $12.50

Family of 4 Ghostly Chili with Against the Grain Tortilla Chips  $24.00


Friday Oct 30th and Saturday Oct 31st  
 Make your Halloween meal fun...Mac and Cheese and Pizza Pull Apart Bread for a Family of 4 for $36.00
Order your meal and pick it up on the Friday the 30th or Saturday the 31st. 


Dessert of the Week

Graveyard Brownie…………………$5.00



Bagel Thursday!


6 bagels and cream cheese for 10$ from 12 to 4 on Thursdays: order by midnight Wednesday


October 29-6 Pizza Bagels with Cheddar Cream Cheese

November 5-6 Olive Bagels with Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Cream Cheese

November 12-6 Jalapeno/Cheddar Bagels with Mexican Cream Cheese

November 19-6 Lemon Bagels with Cranberry Cream Cheese




We have Scones, Wheat Free Scones, Breads and so much more….Give us a call 613-909-7211!





We will do cakes and cupcakes on Request-please give us 48 hours’ notice when possible for these two items


We can also do Meals and Desserts that are Vegan, Vegetarian or Wheat Free or any dietary requirement.  We need advance notice of 48 hours. 

Please Message us on Facebook, Call at 613-909-7211 or at

For your convenience you can send a transfer to the above email