Local Products

We believe in using  locally produced products.

Coffey's Coffee: Ingleside, Ontario.  You have seen them at the local Farmers' Markets and now in our store.  Reg and Cathy Coffey are very particular about their coffee and it shows in a quality product.  We have a nice variety of coffees roasted in small batches. 454 g. We can grind the coffee for you or grind them yourself.  We brew a fresh pot daily and have a fantastic New cold pressed coffee for the summer. Come in and sample the coffee.



Blue Gypsy Wines is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Louis Gaal and Claire Faguy. Several years in the making, our fruit winery opened its doors in October 2011 in Oxford Mills, Ontario, about 45 minutes south of Ottawa, 2 hours from downtown Montreal, and 2 hours north of Syracuse, NY. Our farm is open to visitors from Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving Day weekend.

Blue Gypsy Wine Vinegar:   Apple Wine Vinegar-Blueberry Wine Vinegar-Maple Wine Vinegar-Cranberry Wine Vinegar-Raspberry Wine Vinegar $10 each


Clearydale Honey is a local-first honey packing company. Operating in small batches, traceability is implemented through a consumer-accessible database with batch codes on each jar describing information about the beekeeper and their honey; harvest date, flavour, packaging date & location, etc. Honey and other honeybee products are purchased directly from beekeepers at their asking price. By connecting the end consumer with knowledge of the original producer, they can decide to buy from them next time. This stimulates the local economy and gives an incentive to beekeepers to sell to Clearydale Honey.


Lambros Quality Products Canada: For many years we toyed with the idea of importing olive oil from our brother in laws olive grove in Vounaria, Kalamata, Greece, with the passing of our sister/sister in law Deidre we decided to follow our dream. Family connections between Ingleside and the Kalamata Region makes it possible for us to have the product available  



On the Bend Sugar Shack: Maple Butter Jar 

On The Bend Sugar Shack is a Maple Syrup Producer / Hobbyist located in Chesterville, Ontario. Part of Eastern Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association.



Maple Syrup, Maple Butter, Maple Granulated Sugar, Maple Cream, Maple Cotton Floss, Maple Coated Nuts, Maple Dressing, Maple BBQ Sauce, and everything Maple.


Susan Peters Certified Tea Sommelier:  Susan Peters is a certified tea sommelier offering tea appreciation courses. She also offers quality, loose leaf, Fine Teas and accessories, custom tea blending / Tea themed wedding favors.  If you love quality tea you must try Susan's blends.  

Against the Grain:  Against the Grain is a family owned and operated farm 30 minutes outside of Canada's Capital. We've meticulously worked to establish and bring back a wide selection of 100% NON GMO heritage and new grains that can be grown locally. 

Barley Berries, Purple cornmeal, purple corn flour, barley flour and  pancake mix. 

Ramello is a full line of specialty sauces created by Canadian Chef, Ram Mogandas, and made with fresh, natural ingredients. Ramello sauces let you to bring the world's flavours into your own kitchen.